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What Are Some Signs Of Bisexuality In Men?

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Have you ever questioned your sexuality? Don’t worry. You are not the only one asking, “Am I bisexual?”

Sadly, there are many misconceptions around bisexual men, for example, many believe they are confused, promiscuous, uncaring, and tend to cheat on their partner. However, these are just myths.

If you think you or your partner is bisexual and want to learn more about this sexual orientation, read on to know more about bisexuality and the signs that go with it.

What Is Bisexuality?

Bisexuals shouldn’t be confused with other members of the LGBTQ+ community. Many believe that being bisexual means you’re attracted to both men and women, which is a common misconception.

Such outdated definition is based around two genders when it’s no longer the case, especially with transgender, cisgender, and non-binary. Remember the prefix ‘bi’ means ‘more than one.’ Simply put, bisexuals are people who are attracted to those of more than one gender.

Also, there are bisexuals who only like men and women while, some are attracted to trans or non-binary individuals.

The Kinsey Scale and Sexuality

In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey introduced the spectrum or continuum of sexuality and called it The Kinsey Scale. The Kinsey team conducted research wherein they interviewed thousands of individuals regarding their sexual histories.

The results proved that sexual behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards the same or opposite sex were inconsistent across time. Also, instead of categorizing people into heterosexual, bisexual, and gay, they came up with a seven-point scale:

0 – Exclusively heterosexual

1 – Predominantly heterosexual

2 – Mainly heterosexual but sometimes gay

3 – Bisexual

4 – Mainly gay but sometimes heterosexual

5 – Predominantly gay

6 – Exclusively gay

Some supported Kinsey’s ideas and claimed that categories two to four describe bisexuality. However, some believe that no individual is straight or gay.

11 Signs Of Bisexuality In Males

Do you keep asking yourself, “Am I bi”? Or are you asking this question about your partner? If you feel a little confused, or if you’re unsure about your partner’s sexuality, perhaps these most common signs of bisexuality in males can help you find the answer.

1) Anal Stimulation

Most bisexual men enjoy receiving anal sex. It’s the only way to experience penetrative sex, and if your partner gets turned on by anal stimulation, there is a chance he’s bisexual.

Another is if he loves prostate massage. There are many sex toys out there which men use to massage their prostate, especially during masturbation. Most bisexual men like prostate massages and include them in their regular sexual activities.

2) He Stares At Men

Do you often catch him looking at other men? He’s not just looking at them because he like their clothes or haircut, but stare at them as if he’s attracted to them.

3) Like To Touch Other Men

Not all men are into touching other men. Touching usually only include giving each other high fives or handshakes. It’s a different story if he like running his hand up and down a man’s shoulder or running his finger through their hair.

It’s also not that common for a straight man to hug another man unless it’s really necessary.

4) Spend a lot of time with male friends, sitting close, etc

Bisexual males also spend a lot of time with their male buddies and sitting very close to them. For instance, he would invite them over to your house for drinks and sit close to them.

5) Notice if he has feminine friends

Notice his male friends. Are they feminine or masculine? Are they openly gay?

6) Appreciating the sex appeal of other women

Women can look beautiful and sexy on the outside but what makes them attractive to the opposite sex is their sex appeal. Some women aren’t that pretty, and yet they’re oozing with sex appeal that makes men drool all over them. Appreciating a woman’s sex appeal may be a sign of bisexuality.

7) Watch Lesbian Or Gay Porn

Another noticeable sign of bisexuality is watching lesbian and/or gay porn. Have you caught your boyfriend doing that in your relationship? While most people love watching sex scenes online of male and female couples, would he rather watch lesbians and gays banging each other in the most imaginative ways possible?

8) Gay Fantasies

Face it. No man will have gay fantasies unless they’re bisexuals in the first place. Many men find it weird and even revolting to even think about doing it with another man. However, it’s normal for bisexuals to fantasize about sex with another male.

9) Talk About Other Men’s Physical Appearance

There’s nothing wrong with comparing physical appearances, especially if you want to have a healthier and fitter body. However, it’s a different story if you talk about how thick his eyebrows are or how his lips resemble a perfect cupid’s bow. Unless you’re bisexual, you don’t focus much on such features.

10) How Is Your Sex Life

Have you ever asked yourself how your sex life is lately? How many times do you have sex? Who initiates it? Is he always in a hurry to finish?

11) He Displays Homophobic Behavior

Another common sign is showing homophobic behavior. Some bisexuals are guilty of homophobic bullying’s, like being physically violent or joking about individuals who identify as gays, lesbians, and the like.

However, he could harbor repressed sexual feelings for men that he doesn’t want to acknowledge. And that he is afraid that his friends will find out that he’s bisexual.

Why Is My Partner Bisexual?

To be clear, it’s still unknown why someone becomes bisexual. However, research showed that one’s sexual orientation might be influenced partly by biological factors that originate long before birth.

No amount of therapy or persuasion can convince a person to change his sexual orientation. It’s also a misconception that boys exposed to girls’ toys can become gay.

How Can I Deal With My Bisexual Partner?

What happens when your partner suddenly confesses he’s bisexual? Most importantly, don’t panic. Let it sink in and calm down. You can deal with it in many ways, and it don’t include breaking up with your man.

Bisexuality means he’s attracted to both men and women, and since he’s with you, it means he’s sexually attracted to you and nobody else. He finds you desirable and has deep feelings for you. The least you can do is accept him for who he is, and respect his sexual orientation.

One thing he needs is understanding and support. He’s likely confused and afraid, and having you by his side means a lot. The fact he confessed to you means he loves and cares for you. He also trusts you more than most other people.

How Many Bisexual Men Are There In The US?

Perhaps you’re wondering how many bisexual people are out there, especially in the US. A survey conducted by Pew Research Center claims that four in ten identified themselves as bisexuals. Among these bisexuals, only 19% said their loved ones were aware of their sexual orientation.

Final Words

Bisexuality in males is common. But not everyone dare to go “out” and show the whole world who they are. There are still people who believe LGBTQ people are different and weird. For instance, some think bisexuals are immoral because they’re attracted to both women and men.

The fact is that bisexual males deserve the same respect as anybody in society. It’s difficult enough to be in their shoes, but to be bullied and discriminated against is cruel. Instead, give them the love and support they need. They’re still the same friend or family member except they may not have the same sexual identity as you. And that’s okay.