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The 7 Best Food For Increasing Libido In Men & Women

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Did you know numerous aphrodisiac foods may increase your sex desire, attraction, and pleasure? Well, these food options stimulate your love senses – sight, smell, taste, and touch, thereby triggering sexual desire. And with 30% of women and 70% of men resorting to watching porn to get inspiration, why not increase libido the right way by making slight diet changes?

Besides lowering your sexual desire, poor diet and exercise habits can make you feel bad about your body and be unwilling to get naked in front of your partner. Eating a balanced diet also lowers the risk for lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, which can cause erectile dysfunction in men and limit blood flow in the vagina for women.

In this article, we’ll reveal some of the best foods for increasing libido. These aphrodisiacs are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that help to spur sexual pleasure and desire.

Note: This article doesn’t substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You always need to seek the advice of a physician or other professional health providers with the questions you have regarding a medical condition.

1. Watermelon

Besides hydration, watermelons may reduce blood pressure and muscle soreness while enhancing the brain and nervous system. According to clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., what many people see as a water-filled red fruit can be the missing link to your troubled sex life.

The fruit contains citrulline, which is converted into arginine to relax the blood vessels and may improve blood flow to sex organs – just like Viagra does. “By improving blood flow, watermelons can enhance arousal,” she continues.

2. Eggs

Whether poached scrambled, or fried, a couple of eggs, especially in the morning, can help you start the day right. They are high in proteins and low in calories, giving the body the right stamina balance to carry on with the day. Most importantly, eggs are rich in vitamins B5 and B6, which help balance hormones and may reduce stress, two factors that undermine your libido.

There’s also a link between stress/hormone levels and libido. By eating eggs, you treat a root cause of low libido while improving the quality of life. You can even describe it as hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do you get to enjoy sex, but alienating stress sets the groundwork for an improved lifestyle, helping you live the best life!

3. Ginseng

Red ginseng may help increase nitric oxide, an essential compound that works like Viagra. It relaxes the blood vessels and penile muscles to enhance blood circulation. Red ginseng helps your penis muscles to relax and draws blood in, thus helping with sexual arousal. Men with erectile dysfunction may find red ginseng helpful.

Away from the numerous studies undertaken where subjects reported increased sexual potency, red ginseng or Panax ginseng had been used for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction in traditional Chinese medical practices.

Isn’t it amazing how much regular foods can help your sex life?

4. Ginger

While most people are affixed to the pungent smell, garlic offers more to your sex life than you probably know. It contains allicin, a chemical compound that offers antioxidant benefits while promoting blood flow to your sexual organs.

According to Rachel, garlic is probably the best aphrodisiac because there are numerous ways to slot it into your diet. “You don’t have to chew the clove; you can add it to your salad, guacamole, or even fermented toast for breakfast. In addition, you can even go for garlic capsules or allicin dietary supplements if you can’t keep up with the garlic smell,” she affirms.

5. Oysters

Like the rest of the foods in this article, oysters play the role of a natural Viagra. Essentially, they may boost sexual desire in men and women, which Rachel describes as ‘vital.’ “Most aphrodisiacs are either blood flow enhancers or strictly focused on male libido improvements,” she starts. “Not that either is problematic, but having a food item that caters for both ends of the spectrum is laudable.”

Besides being a rich hub for Zinc, an essential mineral in healthy sperm and testosterone production, Oysters may also boost dopamine levels, a vital hormone for increasing men’s and women’s libido. By successfully spooking both partners’ libido, oysters develop a strong foundation for an explosive and mutually satisfying sex life.

6. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, and Collard Greens are elite folic acid and magnesium sources. Folic acid may boost male sexual function by improving sperm motility. In fact, numerous studies have linked a deficiency in folic acid to erectile dysfunction.

Numerous erectile dysfunction cases are treatable with dietary changes. Many men have reported improved sexual function by following diet recommendations. Tips as simple as incorporating leafy vegetables have helped improve blood flow and increase testosterone levels, ultimately correcting libido concerns.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate usually elicits divisive opinions mainly because some consider it unhealthy, while others appreciate its aphrodisiac properties. It’s high in calories and sugars, and eating a lot can lead to weight gain. So, don’t eat a lot of it. That was easy. Wasn’t it?

Chocolate comes from roasted and ground cacao seeds, a natural plant that not only could increase blood flow to your privates’ but also magnifies sexual stimulation. Chocolate may also increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the body, ultimately regulating your mood and increasing libido in men and women.


Knowing what foods may increase your libido is the first step to a satisfying sex life. As you’d expect, there are numerous aphrodisiac options to choose from. And the best thing about it, most of these foods are very affordable, and unlike people on Viagra and other enhancement pills, you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Incorporate these food suggestions mentioned above into your daily diet and share the results in the comments section.