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How To Give A Penis Massage To Your Partner

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One of the thrilling things we like doing is penis massage. It’s different from the usual handjob we like to give our male partners. To start, a penis massage is slower and more sensual compared to a handjob. Giving a penis massage requires a bit of tender loving care.

Another obvious difference between the two is the fact that a penis massage takes longer than a handjob. I myself like to do it slowly. I want them to savor every single touch and sensation. If you think you’ll be boring your partner to death with this, think again because once they have tried penis massage, they’ll be begging for more.

Just imagine the feeling of being in the brink of orgasm and yet you can’t or don’t want to because of the wonderful sensations that radiate all over your body.

One of the big differences between a penis massage and a handjob is their purpose. With handjobs, our main goal is to make our partner climax. That’s also one of the reasons why handjobs are faster because we want our man to cum the soonest possible time to give them the pleasure they’re longing for. Our strokes are faster and firmer and we use our lips and tongue to make him cum the soonest possible time. Well, that’s not the case with penis massage. The main purpose is to have an enjoyable time together.

How to Give a Penis Massage

First time to give your man a penis massage? Whether it’s your first time or not, every session should be well prepared for to achieve the result you’re after. Nothing beats a good preparation when it comes to penis massage or sex for that matter. Below you’ll find some very helpful tested and proven techniques:

Find a romantic setting

Whenever we’re in the mood to get kinky, we set the right atmosphere. Whether we’re doing rough and hardcore sex or some incredibly hot sex plays or a penis massage, we go the extra mile by ensuring we have the right ambience to do what we have in mind.

Since penis massaging is slower and more intimate, I like to light red candles in our bedroom though a dim lighting will do, too. I prefer aromatic candles, specific those that smell of roses, for our session. It also helps to have some soft music in the background such as romantic instrumental songs.

Use lube or oil

One of the most important things to bear in mind when giving your partner a penis massage is to use lube or oil. The fact is we don’t just stick to one product alone. We enjoy using them in all kinds of sex acts including anal sex, pegging, handjobs, and more.

Since a penis massage takes more time than a handjob, you need to apply more lubricant. We like using water-based lubricant specifically scented ones. We like chamomile or jasmine scented lubes very relaxing and I think they smell great, too. They calm the senses that by the time we are done with the massage, we feel so relaxed and fall asleep happy and contented.

Take Your Time

As mentioned earlier, penis massages can last for up to 30 minutes while handjobs can be done even in as fast as five minutes. During this period, we don’t want any distraction whatsoever and if there’s one thing that can prevent us from doing our kinky session is the presence of our mobile phones. Imagine receiving a phone call in the middle of the massage and how annoying it can be.

What we normally do is turn our phones to silent mode and put them somewhere away from our bed. This way we can do whatever we want without anything breaking our momentum.

Another is to keep the TV off. We understand that sometimes people perform penis massage as a spur of the moment kind of thing but if you really want to enjoy it, you need to give it your 100% attention. If you have the TV on, chances are you’ll get distracted especially if you’re watching a thriller or an action-packed film.


Don’t go straight to massaging the penis. Make sure that your man is also well stimulated and one of the most effective ways to do so is by giving him a deep groin massage. This helps his muscles relax and at the same time set him in the mood for something more intimate.

Aside from using my hands to stimulate his cock, I also enjoy using my tongue to explore every part of his penis. However, I try not to suck his cock but instead just tease it with my tongue and lips. I also like to caress his balls and lick it gently.

How exactly can we tell if we’re giving our man the right penis massage? It’s simple. We have to be observant of their reaction. For me, it’s a trial and error process. I know I’m doing it right they are moaning and groaning loudly with pleasure or when he is arching his back and spreading his legs wider. He likes to close his eyes to savor every single second.


Another effective way to know that you’re giving the right pressure and touch on that massage is by communicating openly with your partner. Don’t be shy to ask him if he likes what you’re doing or not. Better yet, ask for his suggestions. He knows his body better than you do.

Add Edging Toys

We’ve been very open about our love for sex toys and yes, we also use them in penis massage. I like being naughty in bed and Tim loves it too whenever I play with his cock.

For instance, I like to use penis sleeves or Fleshlights when I massage him. I think it’s very stimulating because some of them feel like a woman’s real vagina. All I have to do is apply a sufficient amount of lube and start pumping away using slow and fast strokes.

On the other hand, there are times when he has to go on a trip and won’t be around for days. During this period, I always pack his Fleshlight with him so he can massage his penis by himself.

Some Penis Massage Techniques

Penis massage is one of the most natural things to do. It’s also very easy so whether you’re a newbie or have been doing this for a while now, we guarantee you can do it successfully.

As a couple, we have been doing penis massage for a long time. We’ve been learning for each other so much and we think it’s about time we share with you some techniques that we have learned from our experiences.

Below you’ll find some tips and tricks you can also use whenever you’re in the mood for a soothing and highly pleasurable penis massage.

Fingertips only

This technique is perfect for those who are still a little bit shy when it comes to handling their man’s penis. It’s only normal so in case you’re still a new couple trying out some kinky sex plays, this is ideal for you.

As the name suggests, all you need to do is use your fingertips only to massage his cock. You can make a small ring with your gingers and use it to move up and down the entire length of his penis. You can also adjust your hold from soft to tight as well as the speed.

It’s really all up to you. For warm up, you can use your fingers to touch his the tip of his cock and balls.

Long shaft strokes

This is perhaps one of our most favorite techniques. Again, it’s very easy to do especially if you already know how to give your man a handjob. Long shaft strokes can stimulate the penis to become harder and more erect.

Use hands or fingers to make long strokes all over your man’s shaft. You can do it slowly at first to excite him and then do it a little bit faster. If he is about to come, stop and move slowly. Remember that it is a massage and not a handjob.

Frenulum only

Let’s study a bit more of our man’s anatomy. His penis is definitely the most sensitive part of his body. But how well do you know it exactly? In order to give him an unforgettable penis massage you need to stimulate his frenulum.

This may sound new to many women but the frenulum derived from a Latin word that means “little bridle” which refers to a small fold of tissue found below the glans penis. It’s a sensitive area and you can use your hand or fingers to massage this part.

Whenever I use this technique, I like to sit between the legs and then clasp my fingers around his penis. I then rest my thumbs against his frenulum and apply a circular motion while my fingers and palms hold the shaft tightly or loosely based on what I see fits.

Palm only on the head

The glans penis also known as the tip or head of the cock is also a sensitive area which makes it an excellent spot for a pleasurable penis massage. For this technique, you will only be using your palm to massage the penis.

So how do I do this? I rub some lube all over my hand and open my palm and put it on top of the cock. And I don’t close my hand at all but simply keep it open through the massage. Then I make slow circular movements with my palm and sometimes, I put in some long shaft strokes in between.

Bottle opener

This is perhaps the penis massage that requires a little skill or practice. That’s because you’ll be using your hand to massage the penis while doing a twisting motion as you move up. I noticed that we have to use more lube whenever we perform this trick but it is definitely worth it.

The pressure as you twist your way up is just enough so you don’t have to press or hold the cock too hard. Be careful though because if you twist too hard, it can be painful for your man.

Infinite hole

This one is a little tricky but absolutely satisfying. What I normally do whenever I perform the infinite hole is to move my right hand downward along his shaft and then put my left hand on top of it.

Before the head of his cock reaches the end of my left hand, I would remove my right hand and place it on top so that the sensation continues to flow. Sometimes, I also add a little twisting motion with my hands or stroke his glans penis. I like doing this technique with plenty f lube.

Tips on Giving a Penis Massage

A penis massage sounds very simple but mind you, one wrong move can harm your partner. In order to ensure that you both enjoy the whole process, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t focus on the penis alone

Many women think that massaging the penis alone is the best way to do it. The fact is it’s not. Many men want to be touched in other parts of their body, too. When giving a penis massage, be sure to touch his other parts like his scrotum.

Paying attention to specific areas of his penis like the frenulum and the glans penis can also help you achieve the kind of pleasure you want to deliver.

Use lots of lube

When it comes to penis massage, you need to use a lot of lubricants. I like using water-based lubes but others prefer silicone-based lubes because they don’t dry easily. Regardless of the type, just make sure you apply enough lube on your hand and all over your partner’s penis.

Massages create friction and once you fail to apply lube, chances are you’ll be exposing your partner’s cock to a lot of pain. Lubes allow you to move your hands up and down the shaft easily. Besides, these lubes come in different scents that are sure to relax both of you.

Trim and clean your nails

Having long fingernails can be sexy but trust me they’re a nuisance when it comes to giving a handjob or a penis massage. Remember that the penis is very sensitive. You don’t want to cut your partner’s skin when massaging his cock.

Also, keep those fingernails clean. It’s easy for your man’s penis to get an infection so good hygiene is a must.

Use varied techniques

We have outlined some of our tested and proven penis massage techniques above and it’s up to you to experiment with them. Using the same old technique can get boring and your partner will find your every move very predictable.

Surprise him every now and then with something different for a change. He will be very pleased to know you’ve exerted efforts on satisfying his needs.

Experimenting is key

It takes time to really know what your man wants when it comes to penis massages that’s why you need to experiment. Try using different techniques instead of doing the same movements when giving him a handjob.

Does he like it fast or slow? Does he prefer soft or hard? Knowing what turns him on can make everything easier and pleasurable for both of you. Moreover, don’t forget to incorporate sex toys. They can excite your partner all the more and allow you to be extra creative with your massages, too.